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Five hidden PS4 features

Using the controller's light bar for motion-controlled typing. Using your phone as a keyboard. Get more battery out of your controllers. Turn on your TV and PS4 simultaneously. Play your PS4 remotely with your PC or Mac.

What Can PS4 Do?

Watch Blu-Ray DVDs, Play Your Old PlayStation Games, Add More Internal Storage for Games, Get a Friend to Help You Using Share Play, Rent Games Without Leaving Home with PlayStation Now, Listen to Music As You Game on Spotify, Get Exclusive Destiny DLC, and Play Games Anywhere with Remote Play.

What are the benefits of ps4?

The PS4 is a very competent gaming console and delivers all of the power game developers need to create titles with the best graphics and resolutions ever seen in the living room. Games launched on the PS3 and PS4 are always going to look better on the latter, that much just makes sense and goes without saying.

Why is ps4 the best console?

Graphics. The combination of robust specs on the PS4 result in an impressive graphics experience. ... Offering players better graphics, faster speed, impressive design and exclusive video games only available on PS4, makes the PlayStation 4 console the best 8th gen console.

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